Into the inner ramblings of Me

Friday, September 29, 2006


This morning:

Well I got up at 7, woke Madi up, drank me some Diet Shasta Cream Soda (yummm..) and then went back to sleep and set my alarm for 8. Thankfully when I got up she was ready to go. I'm tired of always being mad about her not being ready for school. I sent her to school in her pajamas 2 days ago, she said she enjoyed it, that it was "fun", but she hasn't been late since. I think she was telling everyone that so she wouldn't seem "lesser than", I dunno... She's so confusing.

I'm trying to figure out what all this blog stuff is about. ( I don't know when I'll get a message or what. Until then, I'll just keep writing. It would be nice to get paid to write, although I don't have anything to write about. Maybe it'll get easier along the way.

My hands are cold.. brrrrr... Oh and after last weekend, I didn't stop smoking like I planned on, so I've been smoking ever since. Therefore, I have to go outside once every couple hours to get my fix. I don't want to be a constant smoker, but I have this medicine I take to help me quit and my prescription has been paused.. Damn them. Yoo Hoo! Rx for Oklahoma! Get your act together!

I am supposed to start classes at TCC ( next month, supposed to start them on October 13th I think. Well turns out that my financial aid counselor is out of the office until October 8th. I'm going to try to e-mail them today and see if I can switch financial aid officers because if you ask me, that's just CRAP. I need the money to buy my books BEFORE my classes start, and he goes ahead and takes a vacation in September. Who in the hell takes vacations in September? I mean jeezz! Especially if you work at a college and your second term of 8-week Internet classes start 4 days after you get back! THINK HERE! Okay that's enough of my expressive being.

Saturday, we thought about going to the fair, it's going on ( There's a cool fiddling thing happening this weekend. But it's $8 each for me and Jon to get in, $5 for Madison to get it, and it's free for Cora. But then it's $30-$40 for the Western picture that Jon wants, and then more for food. Of course, you can't go to the fair and not eat! So we are looking at like at least $50, most likely more. Jon's birthday is coming up and I have already spent all the money I am going to on him (yesterday's Wal-mart trip is still coming through), hopefully Cabela's has already gone through (, and then I'm putting $155 today in the bank to make up for what I have speant. It'll pretty much scrape the top, but we'll make it until next weekend. And there Jon goes spending more money on beer for the boy's trip, and food. Gosh, I just don't know if it's worth it. He says he'll only go through one twelve-pack a day (of Lonestar), but I don't believe that. It'll be a $100 trip, just in beer. I only spent $30 on all of mine for our girls' trip. *sigh* Wow I love money stresses. ( no, j/k about that :)

That's my blog for now.......

Thursday, September 28, 2006

virgin blog

I have been a stay-at-home mom for a year and a half now, ever since I've been falling for these "work at home" doo-hickeys. I have sold things, I have called people, I have filled out surveys (that one actually works so far).. As far as the computer is concerned, I'm on it a lot. I mean a lot. So Sherri sent me a link to get paid from, now I'm going to try it out. I don't know what I'm going to have to do to make it work, but let us see if I can get the ball rolling!